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Patient Information


For new patients or to update your file:
Please fill out this form and then go to the
Appointments section to request an appointment.




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***For your convenience your prescriptions can be faxed if you provide us with the pharmacy.***

Describe the reason for your visit:

What medications do you take: (List medications, dose, frequency)

Do you now have or have you ever had any of the following:



Alcohol / drug abuse

Liver disease

Frequent neck pain

Heart attack




Low back problems

Heart murmur



Kidney problems

Sinus problems

Asthma/Respiratory problems

Artificial bones / joints


Menstrual irregularities



Blood disorders

Ulcers / Colitis


List Past Medical History, Surgery, Hospitalizations:



Relationship to you:

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Person ultimately responsible for your account:  To expedite your visit please send us your updated insurance information so that we can pre-certify your visit.

Same as above:  

First Name:  MI:   Last Name:   Sex: 

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If a required field does not apply to you put none.

I understand that all charges (including those not paid by insurance), collection fee, bank/returned check fees, legal fees and failure to keep appointment fees are the financial responsibility of the patient (or the parent/guardian in the case of a minor). I hereby authorize Dr. Schweinshaupt to release all information concerning my illness (es) and treatments to my insurance carriers/health plans. In the event that Dr. Schweinshaupt participates with my insurance carrier/health plan, I hereby assign all available benefits and payments directly to him for medical services rendered. I understand that I am financially responsible for all balances not covered by my insurance carrier/health plan, and authorize Dr. Schweinshaupt to charge my credit card for the full amount of any unpaid balances.  I acknowledge notification of the privacy practice act.



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